Monday, October 10, 2011


Why is it that the weekends in which I have the least planned to be done, I always end up the most exhausted from doing things? It really makes no sense, but the truth, it is. Sorry, we've been watching the Star Wars movies on blu ray with the kids and it appears to have affected my speech patterns. We still have one to go before we have fully indoctrinated the children. Anyway, I had a lot of remaking to attend to, so I didn't make anything new or interesting to share.

I do have one bit to share with you though. I was contacted a while ago and asked if my pictures could be used in a blog post about tatting, more specifically about Mrs. Beeton. The post is a both a tribute and a delightful fiction that I think you might enjoy reading. It is on their blog in German, Störstoff. The author has also said that she will post it on her English blog as well, but as it is not up yet, here's a direct link to translate it. It really was a fun read and had little to do with me at all and since I have nothing of value to share today, it'll give you something nice to read, but you can always come back and tell me what you thought of it.

I do still have a couple of pieces that need remaking including a mask, so I am likely to be busy with that today. I will try to do something interesting just so I have more to share tomorrow. Off to Monday I go.

Update: The English version of the article is up now here.

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