Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Why Not Make Two

When I asked all my Internet acquaintances about the embellishment of the new mask, I added a third option to make another mask to embellish leaving the first plain. This is the choice that seemed to garner the most support. Honestly I found it a great idea because it gave me an excuse to make the mask again right away and not only work out the best wire placement, but also help me remember the pattern I just created for the next time. Often when I sell something, I spend the hours before I ship it using the piece as a template to make its replacement. Sure, I write down some of my patterns, but rarely the masks. I do have some of them completely memorized, but that takes repetition and now the new mask has been repeated.

So once I finished covering the wire on the first one, I started on the second mask. This time around, I made the eye wires with extensions to the sides and worked a portion of all three rounds over the wire. This is quite a fiddly process, but it gave the pointed corners all the support they will need and it looks much neater on the back side. Then it was onto the crystals and embroidery. I decided to go light on both of those. The crystals you can see here and the embroidery just goes around the perimeter. I still need to embroider around the eyes today and then I'm done. The very simple bottom edge of this mask helps it work up quickly and once I perfect working around the wires it will be even faster.

Hopefully I'll get the rest of the embroidery done quickly this morning  and get both the plain and embellished mask photographed and listed today. I barely did any reading yesterday in favor of mask making, so I really need to read at least 100 pages of the review book. So far its pretty good, but the language is rife with complex sounding made up words and that makes speed reading very difficult. I have to pay a lot more attention to ascribe the intended meaning. Regardless, those are my tasks for today. Reading, embroidery and photo taking, oh my.

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Paige said...

I like the light embroidery around the perimeter, it looks super cute.