Wednesday, July 6, 2011


I was going to start this post with what is likely already a familiar rant about the temperature being far too high, but I was going to let it go. Then I was going to say at least I'm not in Phoenix, but I just checked their weather for today and it will be no hotter than here which made me depressed. Man, I used to adore summer.

I did get quite a bit of tatting done yesterday and even some pictures. Here's the bracelet from the pillow edging. I did end up doing a few, very small changes to the pattern, but mostly because it had some head scratching stitch count differences in sections. Mostly I just evened things out a bit and changed some joins. The name, Oneironaut, is a reference back to its pillow origin and refers to a dreamer, or lucid dreamer. No, I didn't make it up.

Then I got the necklace version done up. Right before the last section of the last row, I realized that I had added an extra center ring in the first row, so I had to cut that out and rework the previous row. I was tatting and tweeting at the same time and this can lead to distracted mistakes especially on a new pattern I haven't yet committed to memory. This one also went through more than one photo shoot since I botched the first completely. The necklace is actually a little too long for me to wear on the base of my neck where it sits perfectly, so I had to clasp it in the lace for the photos. It should however fit average sized necks perfectly, so I figured I didn't need to change it. The listing does note that I can make it a couple of inches shorter or longer. That's just one repeat so it's pretty easy.

There was one more variation on this pillow pattern, a square. I made one up yesterday, but I'm not entirely certain what to do with it. I definitely need to tweak the pattern a bit, things don't lay well at all as is and it's a way too big for a pendant. I was thinking of making a necklace similar to my Vive La Reine piece which is also a square, but I'm not sure yet. At any rate that's likely what I'll be fiddling with today as I again hide from the heat in my air conditioned cave. I'm also still working out the concept for the mask photos I still need to take. My hair is freshly cut and I think I might have some ideas. They will likely be much less compelling than the pictures of its predecessor, but we'll never know if I don't just try already. So there you have it and off I go.


Anika said...

How nice it must be to be able to come up with such lovely patterns and to alter ancient patterns into something modern. ^_^

Your hair is so cool!

Jennifer Lu said...

I'm in Phoenix and share your pain about the heat. *sigh*