Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Nothing Much

Well, it's another too tired morning. Even though we packed it in around ten, the rest of the neighborhood just kept right on blowing stuff up sending patterned light, booms and pops right into our room at unpredictable intervals. I have no idea when the noise and lights gave way to sleep, but it certainly wasn't soon enough for my taste.

We spent the rest of the day exposing our children to the entirety of the Lord Of The Rings film trilogy. I think they actually became invested in the story despite it's dramatic length. We took a bit of a break for meals and this unfortunately pushed back the last movie to the point where we were unable to finish it for the day. They did want to know when we would see the last hour, so I suppose it was a success. To be fair, it was asking a lot of children to sit through that many hours of movies, but it was like 104º outside, so we certainly weren't going anywhere.

As for tatting, I was fortunate to sell a few small things during the day and I busied myself with remaking them while we watched the movies. I also made up the new bracelet design from the antique edging, but as you'll notice, I took no time away from Middle Earth to get pictures. The first attempt was too short, so I gave it to my oldest daughter. The younger sister then had to have one as well, so a pink was made for her. Will they destroy them? Yes, they will, but the design was fairly straight forward and not too much time went into making them happy, so it was worth the effort.

Hopefully today will be a bit more focused and productive. I have beetle wings to drill to finish a necklace and then I wanted to make the necklace version of the bracelet I made. I've got pictures of that to take and I may even attempt mask photos as well. The tricky bit with this mask is the sparkles. I just don't have the requisite photography skill to properly highlight them in a picture. I might wait until tomorrow on those anyway since I'm heading to my sisters house this evening for a much needed haircut and the more put together  I look, the better the photos will be. Well that's about it, but I didn't want this to be a completely photo free post, so enjoy this closeup of the fancy mask and have a nice day.

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Anika said...

Sounds like you had a fun fourth of July! That mask is so stunning.