Thursday, July 21, 2011

Still Sewing Sequins

Another day of sequins means another day of little to talk about. At least this time I managed to remember to take a picture. I promise that when it's done I'll have a picture of the new one so we can all compare it to the first mask and see if I pulled it off or not. Honestly, I think it's going to be a very close match though I only have my pictures to compare it with, In fact I think I've come close enough that I may just re list the mask as a custom piece with the provision that it will not be an exact copy. My inability to sew sequins the same way on even each half of the mask ensures that each piece get that, 'due to the hand made nature of the product, each piece will be one of a kind' disclaimer plus it lets me use those amazingly awesome listing photos again.

So today I will finish this mask and hopefully get back to the sugar skull. I've been thinking about the embellishments for that one and it is likely going to have a heck of a lot more embroidery, but few if any sequins. I might pop a few on with beads as an accent, but definitely no running lines of them. I'm also brain storming photo possibilities for this one. I mean, do I go ahead and finish the skull on my face with makeup to emphasize the design or does that take away from? What the heck do I wear? I probably won't know until its done and I try, but these are the things going through my mind as I sew sequins. Well, I guess that's pretty much it for sharing today though. Nope, I can't think of anything else you'd care about so I'll talk at you tomorrow then. Be good and have a nice day.

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