Monday, July 25, 2011


Well, that was quite the weekend. Friday I saw the mask off to it's owner and did a little remaking. Then I decided to go ahead and start that mask that I saw in the last mask I made. You know the one with the center point that comes up on both sides that I talked about while remaking the last Masquerade mask? No, I didn't get pictures and really I only got started when Saturday took away my ability to make anything.

First it was to Lowe's to build something, home for a short spell, out again for lunch, comic book shop and Captain America, which I highly recommend. Home again for another short while and it was out again to a friends house for a wonderful evening get together that kept us out until 3 in the morning. I know right? Me, 3am...yes, I'm still tired.

Sunday I was still up at the crack of dawn as the cats refuse to let me sleep in more than say an hour. So functioning on two and a half hours of sleep I began a custom order for a very colorful bracelet. Now, the photo was taken in really bad light so the colors aren't even close to what you see here, but it does give you an idea of the brightness and the sheer amount of colors. I also re sized one of these same bracelets for a friend. Then there was some more production work on some sold pieces between bouts of nearly falling asleep on the couch, so I still haven't gotten back to the mask was trying to work on.

Today will start with some more of that production work and then if I get time, I'll work on the mask. I have precious little summer left to work on these sort of big projects. Once school is back in session that's at least three hours a day, if not more, I won't have for tatting work anymore. So I work fast now. Man, I'm tired, but I guess that's the price I pay to do what I love at home with the kids every day. I'm sure that the 3am didn't help much either.

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