Thursday, July 28, 2011

Done And Done

I'm pretty proud of myself today. I managed to do exactly what I said I would yesterday. I finished up the embroidery on the second mask then got both of them photographed and listed. Usually I like to spread listings out to get more attention, but honestly I just wanted to have it done. So they're both listed with the same name, 'You Have No Power Over Me' and maybe I can move on from this glut of mask masking.

Once that was done I got to reading the review book and I am currently about 80 pages from the end. Hopefully I can knock those out today and write up the review tomorrow after I look up how to write a book review. I know I might be taking this all a bit too seriously, but I figure it's better to give it my my full attention than treat it like a bother if I ever want the privilege again.

I felt the need to get back to tatting after all that focused reading and that bracelet that didn't want to be made the other day flew off my needle with no mistakes at all. I've got another bracelet waiting to be remade today and unless another project presents itself, I might just look and see what else I have listed as custom pieces and get them worked up as well. That or I might do a little sewing as I have a couple of t-shirts that need to be girl fitted if I actually want to wear them ever. I guess what I'm saying is I have absolutely no idea how today is going to shape up, but I have to throw all the possibilities out there to see what sticks. I've also been told I might want to clean up my space in our 'computer' room if I don't want the husband to clean it his way. This is a real threat that should not be ignored. I suppose then that I take my pick of the tasks and hope for the best.

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