Monday, July 4, 2011

She Is Complete

Tatted Sequins and Crystal MaskYes, it is done. Friday was devoted to crystals and embroidery and Saturday I finished with the embroidery and began the slow task of reinforcing the sequins. The bits I had sewn in the center were properly done, but the eyes and the outside edge I had initially done with the stitching going over one side of each sequin. I realized as I worked with it that even though it looked fine, my hands and the thread kept catching up the sequins and that just wouldn't do. I spent much of Saturday remedying that by sewing down the sequins on each second side. My fingers were horrible sore, but it was worn it as everything lays perfectly and when I was done I knew the mask was complete.

Tatted Sequins and Crystal MaskI posted some photos of the completed mask on Sunday since I always need immediate feedback when I finish a large project. I got quite a few of these photos, but nothing modeled yet, so it won't be listed until I do.Yes, it will be as expensive as the last Masquerade mask. It did take far less time since much had been learned from the first go round, but it was still five days worth of work, over 50 crystals, hundreds of hand sewn sequins, hours of painstaking embroidery and honestly I think this one looks better that the first one. So the plan is to try and get some modeled photos myself some time this week. If I fail miserably, which there is a good chance of, I will try to outsource the photos. Once I do have some though, I'll get this one listed and move on.

The husband is off for the holiday today, so it should be a down day tatting wise. I do have an idea for a new bracelet using an antique edging I spied yesterday. I wanted to move onto something smaller before I attempt to remake this mask in just lace. I even thought about making a similar mask in white with color accents to mimic a sugar skull mask. I had some initial design thoughts, but there are a few more logistics to work out before I begin since using multiple colors adds quite the kink in my free flow style of work. This one will have to be properly planned out first and that just sucks some of the fun out of it. That also means it goes on the bottom of the pile of projects unless I get crazy inspired or someone gives me a reason to work on it. So that's it from me today, I'll be in the cave hiding from the heat. I hope you have a nice holiday if you're in the States, otherwise happy Monday.


Fox said...

Very impressive! Congrats!
Fox : )

Gina said...

Your new mask is exquisite!

Anika said...

That's so beautiful! (:

Jane S. said...

Wow that's gorgeous! What a lot of work for you but the results are well worth it.

CrochetBlogger said...

Looks great!