Friday, July 8, 2011

Thank You

I feel I must start off today with a huge thank you for all the kind photo comments I received on yesterdays post. Not to be overly dramatic, but large projects like the mask soak up so much of my soul and energy that I almost need the feedback when it's finished to know that it was worth all the effort. I know, I know, I shouldn't look outside for approval and I was happy with the work and the photos, but that outside approval is like sweet, sweet candy.

I also have the two new pieces that I mentioned yesterday to show you. The first is the square medallion. See, I told you it was large. I almost wrote it off as a coaster, but I think it works like this as a really big statement necklace. One thing that has always allowed me to be a bit over the top with these sort of pieces is the light weight of the lace. If this were a metal piece, I imagine it would be prohibitively heavy, but as lace, you could wear this thing all day, every know, if you were so inclined.

The next one is another bracelet made with an existing edging. This one did get some changes though. That bottom zigzag edge was written as regular chains. I thought about turning them into Josephine chains, but settled on some Victorian sets instead. It gives the chains a waved appearance and I think it also kept them from curving into each other too much. I made a few other changes on the pattern as well, added some joins and adjusted some stitch counts, you know, what I usually do to existing patterns. I sometimes feel lazy when I stop designing completely original pieces for these vintage pattern reworks, but I also like to give these old patterns a new purpose, even if it doesn't take too much imagination to do so.

I was fortunate enough to make a couple of sales yesterday so I have a little remaking to do today. The weekend should be pretty quiet, but then we're heading to the coast for a few days for our anniversary which is Monday. I'm looking forward to the 40º drop in temperature, the sounds of the sea and a bit of recharging. I just hope our pet watchers can keep the seven cats from revolting...seriously, this is my biggest concern. I might write a short post the days I'm gone, but if I don't I hope you'll forgive me. Thanks again for all the comments and your support, I appreciate it all!

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Bri's Bits said...

I think the mask turned out absolutely beautifully, the pictures are incredible at showing off the sequins and the crystals, and all the work that went into it. you did a great job photographing it. I really like this cuff also, as always, you do great work and continue to inspire :) There is always such grace in your tatting, just beautiful :)