Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Nothing To Say

I hate when I wake up in the morning to write and I know I have absolutely nothing of value or interest to share about the prior day or the one about to happen. I know that I will still down to write anyway and that as I do I will blather on about whatever comes into my head while I write. I do this because writing is my routine. I do it because it is what I have done for nearly three years now and the offloading of my thoughts is cathartic. I do it so that I do not have to blather on to my husband about lace and etsy and all the other things that one might call me obsessive about. Of course I also do it because there are a few people gracious enough to be my sounding board even when I have nothing interesting to say.

Speaking of gracious people, thank you so much for all the finger injury suggestions. It finally healed to the point where I can paint on some liquid bandage and work without it bothering me. Though after I remade a couple of pieces yesterday, I opted to work on a few extra Wunderkammer features instead. I figured that with my visitor here it would be more polite to tat and look up while talking than to stick my face in my computer to get those done. I got all but Friday's feature scheduled so I'm crossing my fingers that I don't end up with too many sold items between now and when they post.

So that's about all I suppose. I will try to get caught up on pieces that need remaking, but I doubt I'll have the creative space to work on anything new. I would really like to at least finish up the shoulder jewelry concept piece, but I fear that the break from it did not revitalize my energy for it, but rather convinced me that it was ultimately going to fail. Of course I won't know that for certain until I finish it, so eventually I'll have to suck it up and get back to it. And there you have it, three paragraphs and nothing to say.


Crazy Mom! said...

Love to see your tatting - and kittiy pictures are always welcome! Love the recent one of the 3 little white ones together...

Deborah said...

I feel the same with my blog at times. Just post pics of your lace - that is always a good post. I am trying to figure the shuttle out myself but I can't seem to tear myself away from my newest obsession, bobbin lacemaking.