Friday, January 21, 2011

Friday Again!

Wow, it's another of those, 'It can't already be Friday!' weeks. So much done done and so little show for it yet. I talked to the fashion designer yesterday and it looks like I should have a bit more information on the show after today as they're doing a walk through today, but it will likely be on the 13th. I'll give you more info as I get it of course. What is funny to me, is being on twitter I've been inundated with fashion week chatter for the last couple of years every time it rolled around, but I never paid much attention. Now, every time I see a comment fly by about which of my fashion friends is going or even simple comments about it...I get excited too. I really hope I'm not over inflating all this in my head. It could still turn out to be nothing but one good sale and I suppose that's fine as well.

I start this Friday with just a few pieces left to finish and those should be knocked out easily today allowing me to get back to remaking some sold pieces soon. Of course I never thought I'd be relived to get back to remaking things. It's likely because I know at the end of that tunnel, I can start in with those dang new supplies I've been blathering on about. I also have a guest room to clean up though as our house guest is going to be here on Tuesday, I think. See, now I'm getting tired just thinking about it all so here's a picture of sleepy kitties. Yes, I did just use that as a excuse to post another kitty picture, but aren't they adorable?

I also haven't stopped getting notifications that more people are subscribing to my youtube channel and I have gotten more than a couple sweet emails with more requests for help, so I swear as this project wraps I will make time for at least one more video, hopefully a few more short ones on specific questions. I also want to get the barefoot sandal pattern that I have already written up done in an Instructable format for them with pictures. Again, I don't know when they will get done, but I'm writing it here as proof that I said I would do it, so I will.

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