Thursday, January 13, 2011

No, I didn't get to the shoulder jewelry again yesterday. I guess my limit is two separate projects at the same time. I did finish up the watch and sent a message to its intended recipient to ask for approval. It was accepted and I'll get it properly photographed this morning so I can get it listed for her. Then it was back to the pile of undisclosed tatting.

I am finally getting to the point in the assembly line creation that pieces are getting finished. I got one down late yesterday and I should finish another early today. Then it's onto the finishing work for three others. I'm also getting a tad uncomfortable with the number of pieces I have recently sold, but haven't gotten around to remaking to list again. I mean it's not all that many, but I guess that just speaks to how obsessed I've become with having everything listed all the time. It might be unhealthy, but the phrase, 'if it's not listed, it can't sell' keeps echoing in my head.

In other odd news, I received a returned International package in the mail yesterday that was originally sent out over a month ago with the 'no such address' box ticked. Of course they placed this sticker directly over the address so I had to carefully peel it back to confirm that I had not made a mistake writing it, I hadn't. I have already contacted the customer to acquire a corrected address. What is odd to me is that I heard no complaint from them regarding the lateness of the package while at the same time I get messages from folks who haven't even been waiting a week yet. I guess patience levels are different for everyone. I'm still waiting to hear back and I hope I do soon, because I hate the thought that I have someones order and their money at the same gives me anxiety.

So today's plan involves finishing all that tatting, hoping I receive a few emails and if the stars align getting back to the shoulder thing. What's sad is I think it's the weather that's keeping me from working on it. I need a fully bare arm to test the piece and I'm just not willing to wear a tank top all day in these temperatures. It's terribly difficult to strip down one arm out of warm nosy long sleeves just so I can check how the piece is laying. Alright, I'm babbling again...let's just say good morning and move on.


Sewicked said...

All you have to do is bankrupt yourself with heating bills, then you could wear tanktops in the winter. The watch looks fabulous.

Maria de Lourdes said...

El reloj es bello, el color increible y lo embellecen más las cuentas. Su dueño estará feliz por el trabajo