Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Shoulder Jewelry

I did it, I focused and actually started work on the arm piece. I think what was tripping me up is that I usually design whilst tatting. I don't make elaborate plans, I just start making and see how it goes. This technique works well when you understand the shape of what you're making. I've made hundreds of necklaces and bracelets, I know the shape of the foot and the hand, but this one was entirely new territory. I just kept stalling rather than trust my instincts. Of course I still have no idea whether it will fly or not, but at least I've started.

I took a bit from a hanky edging that I have already turned into a necklace. I changed the picots. added a few elements and used it as the basis for the design. Initially, I had though I was going to tat over memory wire or attach the piece to it for the whole length, but I decided that wasn't going to work at all. Instead I think I'm going to co-op the shoulder jewelry trend and have the lace drape over the shoulder and attach with a chain underneath. Then the lace will drape down the arm, hopefully in a spiral and likely end with a small bit attached with memory wire to keep it in place.

I've only gotten as far as the shoulder bit, so the rest of the design idea is just conjecture right now. I did manage to get the shape of the shoulder right on the first try, but there was a lot of hesitating before I worked that bit up. I'll try to tackle the next challenge today, the spiral bit. I have decided that even if it doesn't work as the piece it is intended to be, the work I've done so far would make a neat epaulet...again jumping on that shoulder jewelry thing, but we'll have to see how it all shakes out.

The other thing I recently decided to undertake is the retaking of listing pictures. I have many that were taken years ago, are horrible and I've just never redone them. They're mostly smaller pieces that just weren't a priority, but I should a couple yesterday and it got me thinking about it. Redoing pictures as I remake pieces would help pull the shop together and make it harder to tell which pieces I've been making since day one and which I created yesterday. I won't do it in a big group, but likely just as those piece sell and get remade. Now that it's in print, I am obligated to actually follow through...which is the reason I write much of this stuff down. So off to it then.

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AJ said...

I've been slowly updating my old photos. Because my work is OOAK, I'm always pleased when an old item sells because it's one less thing on the list to photograph ;)

I can't wait to see how this arm-spiral shapes up!