Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Always More Down

Yesterday could not have likely started worse nor ended better. The morning was an absolute train wreck. There was the cold that was not getting any better, the child who decided that math was out to get her and then there were the ants. Oh, yes...my mortal enemies, the ants returned and they went too far. They invaded the pantry and went straight for my box of See's dark chocolates...the ones I got for Christmas that I hadn't even opened yet. Of course opened or not, they were inside destroying my chocolate and they had to be tossed. I think I actually sobbed a little as I vacuumed all their evil little bodies away. The rest of the morning was a drag as I was definitely not in my happy place.

The afternoon picked up a bit as I got a few pieces remade and I spent nap time getting a giant supply order together. I had decided to wait until the new year and then make a bigger order than I strictly needed to get it out of the way for awhile. Though I am certain that I will have forgotten something that will need ordering soon anyway. I also picked up a few bits to try out for some new design ideas going forward.  I never did get around to trying out any designs for the arm band, but one of the pieces I remade will likely be a large portion of it, so I needed one of them done to help me visualize anyway. I will make a concerted effort to get some real progress on the piece achieved today.

The great ending was a friends birthday dinner and a lovely after dinner gathering full of questionable conversation, hilarious stories and lots of laughter. We tried not to stay out too late, but since we are generally in bed with the kids by nine...yes I know we're lame, I'm still a little wiped this morning. The cold is still hanging on, but it is losing steam and I was able to sleep without medicinal intervention. Hopefully today starts looking up and next time I try to say there is nowhere to go but up, please do remind me that there is always more down than you think.


Katherinne McKay said...

Still having problems with the little monsters? Awhile back I came across a "remedy" for getting them out of the house, and can't remember the site it came from, so I'm going from memory.

I've heard that Mean Green and Dawn sprayed/dribbled into their entry points will kill them, and they're pet friendly!

Hope this helps!

Sewicked said...

There may be more down, but that means that you have more up coming your way, right?

At least you got some tatting done. I need to load beads before I can start my niece's bracelet.