Monday, January 24, 2011

Done And Done

Ah, the other side of the weekend and it was a long one. I finished up my pile of tatting on Friday and jumped right into a quick custom order. It was a bride who wanted a pair of barefoot sandals embellished and I got to praise the power of quilting thread yet again. I was on such a roll after my big project that they worked up in a blink of an eye. I should have gotten better pictures after I pressed them, but they're packed up now. Of course then minor tragedy struck...I injured my left index finger. A small split began forming on the ridges and I kept hitting it with my needle. This caused it to rip further and eventually it became red and angry and I was forced to admit it needed bandaging. Unfortunately a bandage make tatting cumbersome so after a few attempts at remaking some things, I stopped. With a half dozen things left to remake, I just stopped. Weird, right?

Let's see, what else? I had a fabulous time out with the family on Saturday and with friends that night. If you've been reading my blather for a while, you know that I have been lacking in physical friends that I am not related to, so connecting with people we should have been friends with a long time ago is quite pleasant. It's almost as if I'm starting to live a more well rounded life. Now if only I could stop boring people with the tatting talk, we'd be great.

This week my Grandfather will be down visiting, so I've got some cleaning to finish up and will likely be distracted by the visit much of the week. Honestly though, he's quite an unimposing guest, I just feel guilty for not being a more attentive host. I suppose I'm not a horrible host unless you want a lot of attention and activities and then I am absolutely at the bottom. Well off to it then and hopefully I can mange some tatting and not re-injure by poor finger.


Crazy Mom Tats! said...

Hope your finger gets better - you might try using an old fashioned thimble!

Gina said...

Grandfather apprarently thinks you're a fabulous host. Doesn't he come and visit periodically?

Deborah said...

Your tatting is beautiful - do you prefer shuttle, needle, or both?

TotusMel said...

@Gina, yep he visits at least twice a year...though I think he stays here because we're the only ones with a guest room!

@Deborah Thanks! I am a needle and the shuttle do not get on well.

Beelizabeth said...

At the first sign of an injury on a vital tatting finger, cut off a piece of the tape end only of one of the stretchy, flexible, sport type band-aides to cover it with. It doesn't hurt the crack and it doesn't get in the way of tatting. I wish I could take credit for the tip, but I got it from Marty Lewis (Tats All She Wrote) at our Bonneville Tatters meeting a couple months ago.

Krystle said...

On the bandaid note, I have a roll of "foam" medical tape that does wonders in situations like this.

H J Hess said...

Sorry for your 'boo-boo' finger.
I rely on the band-aid fingertip and knuckle strips, depending on the location of the hurt. They are comfortable and do not interfere with my shuttle tatting.

This link is just for the picture; I have never bought from this site.

Hope your 'boo-boo' feels better.