Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Romantic Tatting

So a funny thing happened yesterday after I noted that my finger had healed up nicely. I was picking up a misbehaving kitten...I'm sure you immediately guessed that there was a claw incident and you guessed right. The silly kitten leapt from my arms using my palm as a springboard, ripping it across the palm. So there is yet another bandage on my hand and I spent yet another day learning a new way to hold my tatting needle lest it cause me further pain. Seriously, it's like my hands are under attack.

Of course I persevere and after I remade a couple of pieces and sold another one of a kind necklace, I decided that I needed to make something new, no matter how simple. o I dug into that grab bag of supplies and came out with a mystery stone flower, a couple of silver leaves and a teardrop wire base and made this simple piece with ivory thread. Then I got another mystery stone, this time a round one and a matching wire base and made another inn black though I didn't snap a picture of that one yet. I really do love how the grab bag challenges my sense of color and design in simple ways. It helps my work outside my comfort zone and stretch myself a bit. So I now have another bit of romantic tatting.

I also received my house guest yesterday afternoon so there was much visiting. My sister came round with her kids for a spell and my children were in rare form, performing...well, everything. Heck they were playing video games and started playing the music they unlocked so that they could show Grandpa the dances they could do to them. It was a perpetually entertaining afternoon. I will try to get the two new piece photographed and listed today though the fog here has been relentless, barely burning off after noon, so the lighting is an issue. There are also just a could more pieces left to remake for the shop before I am caught up. They are bigger ones of course, so I am stalling. Some days I just like to make thing that I know I can get done quick and easy. I think this is one of those days.


Deborah said...

Very pretty! What are the dimensions?

TotusMel said...

Thank you! I just listed it, so the dimensions are all in the shop now here:

God's Kid said...

Very nice pendant! :)