Friday, October 30, 2009


Well, the great twitter experiment to get fans to pick the wunderkammer there failed miserably. There were a couple of people that gave it a go, but perhaps my timing was poor. I'm taking another tact and giving it another go. Head to the wunderkammer to see the details for the newest version of the great Wunderkammer experiment. If it works, it will be an ongoing feature, if not...we'll try to forget that I tried this at all.

I finished up the arm band yesterday and used facebook to debut the pictures. I did end up putting fringe along the whole piece. I took a photo of it as a necklace first and I wasn't certain it would make a good arm band, but after biting the bullet and changing out of my warm clothes for a photo shoot, I decided that it does indeed work as a convertible piece. It might be listed as early as today. I'm still wavering on the price. It's not a particularly complex pattern, but the extra steps, like the fringe and the ribbon make it more time consuming than it might appear.

You can see the other photos on my fan page on facebook or you can wait until I list the piece and they will all of course be there. I've got to get back to the task of remaking now that I've gotten a few new things made. I think I'll use my new gray to make another arm band with black ribbons after this one has been listed a while. I like to see if it has any chance of selling before I start making more and I imagine this one might need to find a niche audience since it's not exactly every day wear.

One more quick thing. I was excited this morning to discover that my brand new facebook fan page, less than a week old has already acquired over 100 fans including one really, there is one, go look. Also, the etsy store is just a few hearts from getting 5000. Of course those go back and forth so much that it might take another week or so before that's still pretty cool.


Patience Ann said...

How in hell did I miss the twitter thing?!?! Going trolling Etsy now!

Gina said...

I experimented with the fringe thing several years ago because I was intrigued with tatted fringe. I think that will be the one glitch in your pricing too as the fringe is thread hungry and it does take more time to make the long picots needed than a regular picot - at least with a shuttle so I'm assuming with a needle too. I also think the type of thread you use might be the deal buster there in terms of popularity. I tested on size 8 perle cotton which gave it a nice sheen but it's a softer thread too. Good luck!

. c h o k l i t . said...

That picture is incredible with the fringe and the tats... hot. And I follow you everywhere but totally missed your call-out for guest curators for the Wunderkammer. Busy weekend for many, I suspect.