Friday, October 9, 2009

A Day Away

At the risk or getting all tmi on you, yesterday was my annual doctor's appointment. You know, the *girl* one. Don't worry, I mention this only as a segue. Since it was early, I rushed through the five year olds school work very early and even got all the laundry and other chores started. When I got back from the doctor, my day was fairly clear. So, I tagged along on "Grandma day", went to lunch and did a little shopping.

I have to tell you, I forget how nice it can be to break away from my routine even for just a little while. Since I'm caught up on orders and sales have been...well, let's just say inconsistent, I didn't need to be full speed tatting either. I did manage to finish a mask in the doctors office, but only because there's nothing else good to do there to kill all that waiting. I started on the last mask I'm going to make for now yesterday as well. When it's done, all the ones listed in the etsy store are made and ready to ship. Though that whole inconsistent thing has me worried that I've already sold all the masks that I'm going to for the season. I know mine are much more expensive that many that can be acquired. I've also noted a few lace ones popping up at etsy. Of course they are manufactured lace and even one made on an embroidery machine, but they're cheap and I suppose have the same general look.

In other news, the folks over at Instructables have again placed my mask in a nice and visible position. This time on the craft page with other Halloween themed craft guides. They used the image for the icon of the mask guide, where my instructable sits along side many other interesting mask choices. So, thanks for the attention again Instuctables, you know how I love the attention for both myself and tatting. It really is a great site for anyone who wants to learn how to do almost anything and of course if you haven't yet, you can learn to needle tat too.

What's on the agenda today? I have no idea. After I finish this last mask, I guess I'm waiting for a sale to appear to give me something to work toward. I mean otherwise, I'm going to have to focus on cleaning or something and I'm saving that for next week.


mermaiden said...

it's really frustrating knowing the time and work that went into your beautiful quality masks is being undersold. you need the buyers that are looking for an heirloom piece.

i have the same thing with my witch hats. people are buying grossly decorated pre-made hat forms. really gets my panties in a bunch.

Viv said...

That is annoying becasue I know how much work goes into these pieces. And thank you for the instructables!!!! I was shown how to make a ring by a friend, bought my needles, borrowed her book, came home to practice and it wouldn't work. So i thought "look for TotusMel's instructions." FINALLY I figued out the problem and tatted your flower (looks horrid but I did it!!!) So THANK YOU!!!!!!