Monday, November 2, 2009


See, I told you that there would be one of these soon. So, after three and a half years of shilling my goods on etsy I have warranted the "favorite" treatment by at least 5000 people. Every single time I get one of these milestones I make a comment about how I don't even know that many people, which is true, but with each one the statement becomes more of a "duh". Of course, I don't know that many people, which is of course one of the reasons it feels so awesome to be here at last. I wish that I could report that these hearts were directly related to sales, but alas that has never been true. For as many people who shop, there are dozen more of the window variety, who merely collect images that they covet. That's fine too though, it's certainly nice to be coveted.

The 5000th heart was given to me by my husband. I didn't even realize that he had an account. Of course then I remembered that he had made purchases for me, so there you go. Shortly after that I lost a few hearts, then got a few more. I think we've settled over the mark now though, so I can safely celebrate the milestone.

The facebook stats also crossed the 100 mark, giving my ego, if not my wallet, a nice boost. The other experiment this weekend, that was the Wunderkammer fan edition...well, it didn't fair so good. Turns out my taste is much more particular than most and though I ended up with enough pieces for today's post, I don't think I'll be doing that again anytime soon. It ended up actually being more work for me in the end since I was sifting through listings anyway. I do appreciate all those that left links though. There were so few that each was important.

Halloween passed without much joy at our house. In fact the children have developed a fear of trick or treating. Each house was a huge drama and soon we gave up the ghost and came home. Sure, they enjoyed dressing up and they wanted the candy, but the 5 year old is afraid of all the decorations and the 2 year old is apparently afraid of strangers behind doors. Hopefully they'll be better next year and we can actually enjoy the experience.

I'm back to tatting sold pieces and trying to see what else is still left unlisted. I'm also trying to decide what pieces might be likely to be bought during the holidays, though that effort has never been correct. I've made dozens of pieces in the past that I thought would sell only to see them sit around gathering dust, well not literally, but you get the point. I'll probably still give it a go though while I appear to have a bit of a break. Well, I think that's it for me today. Here's to a good week going forward.


that_rat said... I feel bad for snagging your laptop this morning to check something. I didn't pay a whole lot of attention to what you had going on, so if this was to be a "surprise", it still worked. :^) And even though your hearts were "artificially" increased, that screenshot says it all.

Emi of FTLOB said...

Grats on 5000!