Wednesday, October 14, 2009

It's Raining

Well, the skies opened up yesterday and spilled their contents upon our corner of the world. We're also still sick around here, so rain and illness kept me from really doing much at all for the first part of the day. I was waiting to see if a few different people would come back and make purchases after earlier inquiries. Nothing. For the first time however, a customer did in fact update me on the situation rather than let me twist in the wind, so thank you. I don't think you understand how much I appreciate that simple gesture.

I did start tatting a custom mask using some of my new hand dyed thread. I have never used a small skein for anything large and I wasn't certain that it was going to be enough. I usually tat off a large ball, so this was unnerving. It was unwarranted however and now I know how much thread I actually use for at least one of my mask designs anyway. I need to pick up some silver filament to add to the edges to help it match a dress. I was sure I had some around here, but it is not letting me find it. If the weather is better today, I might venture out...though that's not likely. I'll be sure to post pictures of this one along with the dress it is meant to match when it's done. I think it's going to look really neat.

I did wake up to another of those customers making a wonderful purchase. This time the pieces are headed to a Masquerade ball in Detroit. The combination of pieces bought are going to make for a striking image and I really hope I do get to see how it turns out. Of course this also means that I have a whole mess of pieces to remake and get re listed. I've also got to keep the house as clean as possible for some visitors we're expecting at the end of the week. The children are not being helpful in that all. On to it then.

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Jrahn said...

I miss the rain, It never freaking rains here.