Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Cooler Than Me

While not as busy as Monday, yesterday was another constant working sort of day. I got one mask finished and another started. Then I got two separate people asking after the same pieces and again with the 'no crystals' questions too. I got all excited and terrified about all the pieces that I was going to make should both those inquiries turn into sales. Alas, neither have. They could return at any time I suppose, but I've learned to not try to anticipate these sort of things. It inevitably ends in both me making something that is not going to sell immediately and grand disappointment.

I had a bit of a moment on the twitter yesterday. Even though I'm busier and spend far less time commenting, I often leave the window open and twitter stalk as a background to my tatting. You know how you admire certain creators for one reason or another? Then you decide to follow their blogs, shops, twitter, etc. Well, anyway, I do that and for some odd reason, several of the most successful, famous, get the point, were all chanting at the same time. This brought out my jealousy monster that prompted me to state, 'I fear I am following too many successful creators...I feel like a schulb in comparison.' While not actually fishing for compliments, many returned with them any how and a few recognized the situation. It's all about perspective. No matter how high we many appear on the ladder to others, all we can see are the many far above us. We often forget to look down to see how many are below.

The whole thing reminded me of an interesting Jr. high incident. I was in the g.a.t.e. program (nerds), we sat on one of two benches behind a baseball field at lunch. The popular/jocks/cheerleaders/etc. sat on the other. There was little or no interaction between us. In high school our group dynamics had changed and while I was still a geek of the highest order, I had occasion to speak to one of those popular kids. During a conversation we admitted to sitting on that bench to be close to the popular kids. The response was unexpected, 'really? We sat on the bench to be next to you guys...we thought you were the popular kids.' It's all about perspective. Right now, all I want to be able to brag about so and so famous person wearing my pieces, or a full spread in such and such magazine on TotusMel's pieces. Would I be able to deal with the aftermath of such an event? I really have no idea, but I really want to find out.


Hopee said...

I recognize that feeling. I, too was a nerd of the highest order. I congratulate that you actually sat near the popular kids. I was terrified of them and hid with my other nerdy friends in the library during break times.


I just bought one of your pieces, and whilst I am not a celebrity of the highest order, it is currently the envy of my small circle of associates in a small town in country Australia. That has kudos, no?

You make the most beautiful pieces, and one day, you'll look back on this period with nostalgia!

H J Hess said...

Okay, here is the recommended "vocabulary word-of-the-day" to practice and take to heart: upbeat.
Your art is wonderful. It brings cheer to many hearts and eyes. Remember, sometimes you just have to sit back, grip the handrail tightly, scream loudly, and enjoy the wildly exhilarating rollercoaster ride.