Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Short and Sweet

I'm off to the pumpkin patch today with the family. I hope I'll still have time to tat as I've several pieces that I really want to get done. A couple of sold masks, a few necklaces and two pairs of ankle corsets are all on my invisible list of things to do today. I'm running a bit on empty with all these tasks, not to mention doing the homeschooling and keeping the two year old from destroying the house while I'm busy with her big sister. Oh, yeah, this is turning into a whine fest. I haven't quite got to that point of overwhelmed yet. I think that is due to actually finishing all the urgent house tasks that we wanted to finish. Sure, there's tons more on the list, but most of it is not time sensitive.

I've got a ton of tatting to get to today as well, a ton. Masks, ankle corsets, necklaces, all need to be remade sooner rather than later. So rather than tell you about all of it, I'm just going to get to work. I'll be more talkative tomorrow, I promise.

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