Friday, October 2, 2009

Gave Away

I had a rather long and productive day yesterday, but not for tatting I'm afraid and it's a shame because I have an enormous to do list in that arena right now. I didn't mention this yesterday because I had already written the blog post when it occurred, but I had a fine little event on the twitter. I was feeling unfocused so I thought I would do a quick giveaway to give me something to make. I asked my twitter friends...or followers if you prefer, to tell me why they deserved a free piece of my tatting and to please amuse me. It started slow, but after a few minutes people were coming out of the wood works with stories and, well...amusing the crap out of me. I left the contest open for only a brief time, declared a winner and then decided to offer all those who played a free pendant. So if you ever want to win random free tatting, you must follow me on the twitter and listen to me drive all day. Yeah, I don't know how soon I'll do it again though. The winner chose to apply the dollar amount I offered to a mask, so that has already been sent away to her. So, I now have a mask to remake and several pendants or various colors to create. All this and I am still working on a bracelet ordered in a custom length two days ago.

What did I do instead of tatting, you ask? I cleaned. I know I lead a glamorous life and you are all terribly jealous. I also did some book keeping, my favorite, and realized that while September was a terrible sales month at least it was leaps and bounds over August. Still, I wish I knew what made July sizzle so much for me so that I could recreate those conditions. Of course it could just be seasonal...yeah, I have no idea. After over three years of this, I still have only the most tenuous grip on sales trends. I really should do some research, start advertising and try out all this SEO business people keep blathering on about, but I just can't seem to get motivated to do all that. I think I've said it before, but I know I can only grow so much and then no further. I can't outsource my labor and I can only tat so fast before I'm neglecting my stay at home mother duties, so I guess, yeah, I'm ignoring all that stuff I just mentioned.

One last this for Friday though. I got a little package in the mail yesterday. I knew the package was coming, but I had no idea what it was going to contain. Thread, my friends. Hand dyed thread in a dark gray, a plumy purple and a deep wine shade. They were made just because I complained about wanting dark colors. My most favorite is the gray and while the purple is a gorgeous shade, I still want darker. Anyway, I think I have now acquired a source for some additional colors and for that I say thank you! I'm gonna tat up some pieces in the new colors when I get some time and then I'll know for sure whether these are perfect. I'm just tickled that someone took so much time and effort just for me, without me asking. I'll out her later if it's okay with her. Maybe Monday will have something new to share.

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