Monday, October 12, 2009

Take My Picture

We're sick, the entire female lot of my house anyway. We've sore throats and there's coughing and the children are whiny. So forgive me, if I'm not chipper this dark and dreary morning.

The weekend was filled with more housework and I finally pulled all the boxes of figurines out and began the task of finding them new homes. I saw figurines, but the bulk of them are my useless collection of dragons...yeah, I like dragons. Surprised? Yeah, didn't think so. Many of them are now in temporary homes as my husband is not liking my ideas. Hell, he doesn't seem to like any of my ideas as far as the walls in the house are concerned. He's afraid we'll make the wrong decisions with the holes in the walls and so he appears to erring on the side of no decision. Don't say anything to him but I think he thinks that if he waits long enough, the wall fairies will do it perfectly for us. If you think I'm being too snarky, well suck it up, I'm sick.

We were about to enter another full week without a sale, but I awoke to one, so I'll spare you the whine about that. Also this weekend, I made a connection with a twitter photographer friend and arranged o send her a few pieces for a photo shoot. I'll say more as it develops, but I'm really excited. She does amazing work and my listing photos for the pieces will get amazing all of a sudden. Then, I got a message from another photographer who I did not have the pleasure of already knowing, you asked if she could also borrow a couple of pieces for a photo shoot. As I checked her website, I was surprised to see a few familiar and fabulous images there. I happily agreed to the arrangement and again you will find out more as the story develops. I hope all these new pretty pictures will bring the inspire people to become customers. That would be just lovely.

Now, I'm off to pretend I'm not sick too, so that I can care for the sick's going to be a very long day.


that_rat said...

They will come and they will make it all'll see. Maybe I like the bare walls, you ever think of that?

dalij said...

You can always fill the holes. You can use regular old toothpaste, but they also have professional fillers. So experiment away!