Monday, October 19, 2009

Out of the Bag

I guess I'm still a little wiped this morning. You see, for the last month we've been planning a surprise party for my mother-in-laws 60th birthday. The event was on Saturday afternoon and my house filled with people I may have met once and a few that I knew well. The surprise went over well and my husband ran several tours through our house. I have to tell you I'm equally proud and embarrassed by all the compliments we received on the house. Sure, we got a great deal and yes, it's a nice house, but dang, I think they all wanted to move in. Aside from a pink and purple icing incident on the berber, the house survived fairly well.

I've also been tatting up a storm. While masks haven't been flying off the shelves, they are moving as are ankle corsets for some reason. The only issue this creates lies in the creation time needed for these pieces. I've been trying to avoid listing unmade pieces, but as I keep saying, if it's not listed it can't sell. So to that end, I keep re listing the sold masks and whatnot hoping that I don't end up with twelve projects at once or some such craziness.

I know that there was something else I wanted to share, but now I can't remember what. So, I suppose I'll just let it go and move on for the day. Of course this means that I'll remember it in a few hours and kick myself. Oh, well.

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