Thursday, February 26, 2009

Who Needs Shoes

Oh twitter, will I ever stop finding reasons to adore you? Seriously, yesterday I decided to work on my barefoot sandal idea. When I was having a creative block I asked my twitter friends for inspiration, they responded. Then after I had chosen a design to start with and shared a picture of the beginnings, they responded. When I needed advice on finishing the piece, they responded. When I was finished, I posted a picture taken with my laptop, complete with sleeping baby legs and just needed someone to pat me on the back, and you know what, they responded.

It was almost as if I was working in one room and there was a party next door. All I needed to do for help and feedback was poke my head in the other room and ask. Since my only companions while I work are two small kids and four not so small cats, this adult feedback is so wonderful and I'm officially addicted to it.

Back to the design though, I searched all around for a style that I liked in crochet or other medium and I found nothing. All the barefoot sandals foot thongs were very simplistic. The main designs were a couple of chains connected with some beads and well, they were just very meh. I like my designs much more dramatic as I'm certain you've noticed. So I searched through my pile of lace for something to start with and I settled on my Viva La Reine necklace design. It was originally a motif for a chair covering. I added some rings and a toe lop on one corner. Then Instead of making a spiral chain to go around the ankle I crocheted a long chain and added a tatted ring at the end, you know for decorative purposes.

I still need to finish up the second one and get proper photos, but I have a dental appointment to finish my root canal so the day might be shot. I also got my first pair of ridiculous shoes suggested by you all in yesterday and the sandal stilettos should be here next week and I can get pictures of all the footwear to list. Who would have thought that I would be making tatted pieces to wear on your feet. It is still crazy to me that I've taken this craft in so many different directions. I wonder where I will fly off to next?


Tom Banwell said...

I like the barefoot sandal idea! Nice!

Gina said...

WhooHoo! I think it's fabulous! I'm going to pass this post on to my sister who is good friends with a belly dancer teacher!

Wenchie said...

"It is still crazy to me that I've taken this craft in so many different directions. I wonder where I will fly off to next?"

This is what really makes you stand out and can revive tatting by creating such a wide range of variety with it. I would love to see what you come up with next!

Valerie said...

Pamela, I know we can count on you for these 'crazy' ideas. The barefoot sandal is cool!