Monday, February 16, 2009

And The Winner Is....

Well, before we get onto the good stuff, I thought a little health update was in order. On Saturday I took a romantic trip to the Urgent Care with my husband to get prescribed antibiotics and pain killers for an apparent dental abscess. It seems that all my mouth issues have culminated in the murder of one of my teeth and in it's death throes it has chosen to infect my face. This resulted in a swollen and terribly attractive cheek. As you might imagine this put a bit of a damper on, well everything. Yesterday, the whole thing began to drain and I feel a bit better. I'll be going to the dentist later today to see how bad it really is, but I imagine that I shall be looking forward to a root canal, so probably right back to pain, yeah fun.

Okay, now to the reason you're probably reading this, the winner of the Very Vicious Valentine giveaway. As you're probably aware, this was my first giveaway and I'm really amazed with the turnout I got. When all the entries were tallied out, there were a total of 61. It was really awesome that so many people opted for extra entries and played the game with us and I am pleased as punch that I was able to help Diana get a little extra exposure for her amazing art and I hope that many of you will pick up a little something from her in the future.

Alright, I guess that's enough American Idol stalling. I used the random number generator at to spit out a number and that number belongs to

Thanks so much to everyone for entering and if you're interested in doing a giveaway with me in the future, just let me know. I had a pretty good time with all this business, in fact I just might do one for my tatting in the future. You know, when my mouth isn't rebelling against me!


Athena's Armoury said...

So sorry to hear about your dental drama. I had some of those issues last year and am hoping that this year will be better. I hope you feel better soon, too!

Congrats, Valorie!! Valorie's work is amazing and such a sweetie.

Unknown said...

I sympathize, dental pain is the worst ever and I can't stand root canals.

Congrats to Valorie!

. c h o k l i t . said...

Hooray, Valorie!

Feel better soon - I've definitely been there. Dental problems suck. Ugh.