Thursday, February 19, 2009

It's No Stiletto, But...

I started on this project before I started feeling bad, but now that I'm on the mend, I have a bit more energy. This one was inspired by a photo I saw at Haute Macabre featuring a pair of lace shoes. Now clearly I'm not making a pair of shoes anytime soon, but I thought maybe I could take an existing design and modify it to become a sort of spat or anklet.

I started with the pattern for my Portrait necklace and rewrote the ends to be much shorter. Then I added a small section on either side so that I could lace it up the back. Of course once I was finished, I realized that I don't have a single pair of plain black high heels. I've got boots aplenty and several pairs of casual shoes and one pair of ridiculous taupe bridesmaid shoes. Not one of them really gave me an idea as to whether this would work or not. Finally I settled for a pair of wedges, leaned all the way over and took a picture of my foot.

Now all I need is opinions, lots of opinions before I decide to make a second one to perhaps sell. Does it give the intended look? Would anybody actually wear it? Should it go further up the ankle like the one it's inspired by? Where on earth do I get shoes that make it look right without spending a fortune? This is probably the first project I've worked on that requires another article namely a shoe to work, though I guess it could look pretty interesting on a bare foot too. Well, until I get some feedback, this one is going on the back burner, but I thought I'd share before it gets buried in a pile of lace.

I'm off to jury duty this morning, so I don't know how available I'll be or what I'll get done the rest of the week. I won't be able to do any tatting since I'm certain that giant pointy needle will not get past the security that doesn't allow knitting needles. Oh well.


Happy News Chic said...

Looks cute - of course high heels would make the difference. Your taupe ones could probably be improved with lace edging or by dying them black

Leigh Shepherd said...

I like it! I would either photograph it with no shoes or with a delicate pair of toe post sandals (are they called thongs in the US - not sure!)

Tom Banwell said...

I think it's great just as it is, and I also really like the photo. I wouldn't change a thing.

Needledreams said...

Oh! I love it!!! It's been awhile since I use high heels (had a couple of 5" pairs in black). This would look great also in the border of black leggings!

Do you write the pattern for your projects? I would love to give it a try to a few of them! :-)

the cheap chick said...

I can't help with the design questions, but where you can find inexpensive shoes? I'M ALL OVER THAT. You can find basic black pumps with a minimum design at Target or Payless for under $25 (sometimes as low as $10). If you'd like a higher-end pair that you'd have for at least 10 years, try the sales at Macy's or Nine West. You'll pay around $40-$50.

Of course, I own 5 pairs of black heels myself, so if you ever need a model... :)

TheZKitten* said...

the only alterations I could think of, would be extending it across the top of the foot a little bit, and just a tad taller (though, there are some who wear their spats short)
your tatting continues to amaze me! :D
oh & for not expensive shoes
these are all under $50 (if not under $30) and I think these would go great with your spats!
Funtasma Dainty 420
Funtasma Elf 05
Demonia Dolly 02
Funtasma Dame 05
Demonia Trauma 01

RockLove said...

Have fun in jury duty!

So I think these look freakin AWESOME! Almost like Victorian bobby socks... remember those?

What if you made something that went down and around with a loop to secure your second toe? Then open toed sandals, stilettos, flats, etc could all be embellished over the arch of the foot. But honestly, I think the lacey anklets are pretty fantastic as are.

Diane said...

I think they're beautiful and definitely give the intended effect.

As for shoes that don't cost a fortune, how 'bout these?

They look very similar to the shoe in the Haute Macabre post. Admittedly, they won't exactly be comfortable, but if you're wearing stilettos you can't really ever expect to be comfortable. They also have similar styles in lower heels on that site:

Or, how about something with a high ankle strap that you can tat onto? That way the lace would be semi-permanently affixed to the shoe.

Anonymous said...

I think they would work well with heels, flats and barefoot.

i dont wear heals, at all ever. my husband is already 5" shorter than me and I know that to some extent the height difference bothers him, so when I buy shoes and boots I get them as flat as possible.
With that being said, I think those are a awesome idea. I live in Hawaii and my most commonly worn shoes are similar to the pair you are wearing. I would love the ability to wear 'anklets' with my shoes but I have extreme metal allergies so ankle adornments are rarely an option for me aside from bottomless scrunched down socks.

Anonymous said...

I think they look really pretty and would like them (personally)a little higher up the ankle (like a corset for the foot). I would wear them with black goth platform pumps or barefoot. Make the other please!!! : )


Wenchie said...

That pic turned out great! As a lover of boots I would say make it go higher up the ankle, but in unbiased honesty it's awesome enough to put out there and let the sales decide.

Sharon said...

With something that pretty, you could go barefoot. Too bad you don't shuttle tat, becasue then you could take a couple of loaded shuttles and tat away to your heart's content.

. c h o k l i t . said...

Good lord I missed this - this is incredibly hot, and I can't wait to see the shoes that go with them.

Also, how did I not know about Haute Macabre when Coilhouse is my favorite blog?

*off to dig through archives*

TattingChic said...

Very pretty! :)

Waterrose said...

That is very sexy!