Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Well it looks like nobody spied my mask last night. I knew it was a long shot anyway, so I guess it's no big deal. I haven't looked myself yet, but I will scan through the episode when the kids let me have the t.v. later just in case I see something. I did however have two other great features yesterday.

First, VickiDianeDesigns who is responsible for the Etsy Artists Exposed treasuries set her sites on the SteamTeam. The treasury featuring the actual faces of many team members went up yesterday morning and quickly shot to the top of the pile getting hundreds of views. I stole this image and the subsequent links from dbvictorias live journal post...because I'm lazy.

The treasury expires Wednesday, so for posterity, once the link is no longer live, the artists featured are, from left to right, top to bottom:

TotusMel, Tatted Jewelry and Accessories, Unique and Elegant; Tom Banwell, Leather; WinonaCookie, Custom illustration, collage, nifty items; dbvictoria Wire wrapped jewelry and other artful creations; Insectus, Industrial, Steampunk and Gothic Jewelry; CJGrand, The Grand Design;zkitten, Chaoticly Creative; Fantasies in Leather, A bit of leather, lace, love and laughter; IndustrialFairyTale, Jewelry, Books, Art, and Steampunk Odds and Ends; Choklit, Adornments for Tarts; ClockworkCrow, "Flights of Fancy", and more simple silver treasures. Tick-tock; VelvetMechanism, Steampunk Jewelry, Corsets and More!

I know, I cheated a little using an already existing image that effectively hides my face, but it's a good picture!

Also yesterday I had a great photo interview post on a the Tattered Rouge blog. Go check it out if you have a moment, it is also linked in the 'where I'm featured' list in the left column. This is also your last warning. Tomorrow I am posting a giveaway featuring one of my favorite artists, so you will want to pop by and get yourself entered to win a little something. My new tatting project has taken a backseat to a custom order, so it might be a while before I have something tangible to show you, but I will.


Tom Banwell said...

The masks were only shown during fraction-of-a-second flashbacks in dim lighting. I think we both ended up on the cutting room floor.

dalij said...

Read the interview on Tattered Rouge. Terribly hurt!!! Artistic brothers & grandmother! I seem to remember hearing that you have a very talented mother? Hum, she's never mentioned. Does this mean we ignore her talents and artistic gifts she has provided you with?

RockLove said...

Gorgeous interview!!!

Okay this Blog thing is confusing - how do I add a subscription gadget that works? Does my layout screw it up? You were able to subscribe but others can't and now I'm stumped. Help!

TiLT said...

Awesome treasury...I just wanted to comment on your hair...fantastic color job!! So often the bright colors make the hair look fake, but your looks so soft...I'm jealous...and not brave enough to do that anymore at my age...maybe I need to keep peeking at yours