Tuesday, February 17, 2009


As you might have guessed Monday afternoon marked my very first root canal. I had been assured by family and friends that they were no worse than having a tooth pulled. While this may well be true for the majority, it does not take into account the severe infection or abscess that I am currently rocking. This tiny detail made my experience a little more like torture. Now, don't get me wrong, my dentist is a wonderful guy, empathetic and just the fellow for the job, but the added pressure of my infection made me absolutely miserable. My face hurt so bad when he was done and to add a little cherry on top, he had to slice my gums open to allow them to properly drain.

So I imagine you will not be shocked to learn that I accomplished very little the rest of the day. Although just sitting on the couch does give me ample tatting time, the painkillers make me a little slow and loopy. I did discover a nice little mention over at one of the blogs I stalk, Haute Macabre. They were doing an etsy week and I managed a little spot on their etsy under $15 list. I've been visiting this place nearly daily since I discovered it. I am not a fashion person. I do not often "get" what is "in" especially with the resurgence of bad 80's clothes. I lived through it once, I do not want to go back. I don't collect purses and for the most part I don't care about brands. But, my inner goth loves the fashion picks these ladies unearth and if I was gonna splurge on crazy clothes these are the ones I do it on. So I feel honored to be on their radar at all.


Waterrose said...

OH I just cringed reading that post! I've had my dental nightmares and can live without that one!

Anonymous said...

Oh dear, that sounds deeply unpleasant. Sorry! Hope you're feeling better soon, and enjoy the happy drugs!

RockLove said...

Ouch ouch OUCH! I'm so sorry hunny, that's awful! I'm coming over with ice cream right now!