Monday, October 13, 2008


It's no secret that my husband has mixed feeling regarding not only etsy, but my tatting in general. That said, he sometimes jumps into my world with both feet. He expressed an affection recently for my masks and attempted to get me to wear one to the Ren Faire last week, though I ultimately chickened out because I was afraid of the attention. I know, silly given that my hair is currently blue and purple and one can't help but notice me. Anyway, just this weekend as he was fawning over screen shots and videos of the newest Castlevania games he called me into his computer room with an idea for my tatting.

This is such a rare occurrence that any hesitation on my part would have been foolhardy, so rather than stare agape at him making a suggestion for my tatting, I went to see what it was. Well, the newest star of the Castlevania games in a rather goth looking gal with an insane amount of hair, which would preclude her from fighting effectively, I might add. On her arms she wears long gloves with a lace edge and on her neck she wears what appears to be a lace collar with a ribbon tying it in front. The suggestion was of course that I should make these items with tatting. While it is hard to get past the origin of the suggestion, it is a good one. So onto the list of future projects are tatted Castlevania accessories.

The collar is quite similar to ones already found on etsy, but as with many of my projects, I haven't seen it in tatting. The projects will probably have to wait until after the holidays, like so many others, but I'll get around to them, if for no other reason than to involve my husband in my work. It just goes to show you though, you just never know where inspiration is going to come from.


Athena's Armoury said...

Run with it, chica! And you totally should have worn one of your masks to the faire. Do you know how many biz cards you would have given out?! Love your work.

Sarah Dungan said...

Make the collar, cause I want one now :D

Anonymous said...

The collar sounds interesting, something to try when you get a break. You should have worn the mask, we wear crowns and my daughter used to wear fairy wings, tutu, etc. You could probably talk them into selling there sometime also. I thought of an idea of a tatted netting for a hat (like over the top of someone's face) also but not sure how that would come out.


Ps. I put a bunch of your things on my husband's X-mas list for me....