Monday, October 27, 2008

Last In Line

I am not a selfless person, I was always the first in line to eat. I wasn't only out for number one, but I certainly made sure I got mine. You know that person at the concert t-shirt stand that pushes through the crush of the crowd up to the front without blinking an eyelash, yeah that was me. Of course that was before I had kids, now I have patience, avoid crowds and I am generally the last in line for seemingly everything. I did do the line crush thing wearing my baby in a sling last year at MacWorld, but if you've ever seen the line for badge pick up there, you'd understand.

I can not even remember the last time I tatted something just for me. You see my list of priorities starts with the children/family and then my customers, then the household and then me. I am bringing in all this up so you will understand the event that me making my own Halloween costume pieces actually is. Over the weekend I decided that the finishing touch to me generic "goth" costume would be tatted edgings on my shaping corset.

I tatted two separate edging pieces and tacked them on the stretchy corset. Though I do like the way it turned out, I also decided that I am going to make a 'real' one as well. Since I have no desire to sew my own corset, boning scares me, I ordered a relatively inexpensive one that I will embellish when it arrives. Many moons ago I was approached by a corset maker to make lace for her to embellish her designs, but I think my price was a little too much for her and I never heard back, so I'll just do one myself. I figure I can offer it for sale as a made to order piece, since all the corset makers seem to do that.

I promise that I will post pictures of me in my Halloween costume after next weekend. I do plan on also wearing one of my masks and chokers, so I should be all tatted up.

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Ravenswick said...

Can't wait to see pictures of you in your costume. I love making costumes for Halloween--it is the only time I sew. I just didn't have time this year, will have to use an old one. One of these years I will make the Medusa one that has been in my head forever.