Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Yesterday started out much calmer than Monday, but soon spiraled into a bit of an eventful day. But first I wanted to catch you up on something I didn't share yesterday. I met a lot of amazing artists when I did my tatting challenge and one of those artists was Waterrose. She creates beautiful embroidered felt cuffs and rings and she also keeps a very nice blog. She had approached me for an interview for her blog and I of course complied. Now, I've done quite a few of these blog interviews at this point and they are all pretty much the same stuff. I'm grateful for each one of them, but they get fairly redundant and boring. This piece is different. The questions she poses are unique, well thought out and frankly made me feel uncultured. So please check out the piece and share some love!

Now back to the eventful day, I had been approached a little while ago by someone on etsy to have one of my masks featured in an article they were writing for an Italian website. I was a bit hesitant as I assumed it was some elaborate scam, but I provided the details requested and promptly forgot about it. Well yesterday whilst looking through convos, I checked the link she had provided prior to her article and low and behold it was now updated and there was my face plastered on the front page of the design section of this website Style.It. Of course then I had to scramble around to all my ports of call attempting to get someone to translate for me. Thanks to twitter and the forums, I was provided with progressively better translations. The most readable one, I think, from SteamTeam:
Halloween is at the doors. In the anglo-saxon countries they begin the preparations of customs, disguises, you decorate. Here it is relished the world of the gothic Victorian one, with an imaginary one of mysterious appointment, ruthless lady, men from the sharp canines... An atmosphere of inextinguishable affectation (to care of Francesca Fornasari)
Mystery in glam
A refined mask embroidered that frames the I turn, to impersonate the part of the mysterious dark lady... A secondary bijoux realized to hand from Quevedo. It is gained on and coast 58 dollars (43 euro about).

Other than that, it was just remaking a couple of sold pieces and crossing my fingers hoping my box arrived at its destination safely. I did get word this morning that it has safely arrived and now all my worrying can focus on whether or not it will sell in person as this is the first time it has been attempted.


Waterrose said...

Another blogger blogged about my post and how much she loves your's the link!

Unknown said...

yeah, she did good with the questions. i like the haiku.