Friday, October 10, 2008

Blogging Fool

I've been at this blogging thing for a relatively short amount of time, I don't even consider myself a blogger. I feel that term is reserved for people with a more journalistic approach to writing. So I was a little bemused at the inclusion of my advice in an Etsy Storque article about blogging. The advice was simply put and perhaps that's why it was appealing enough to include. Along side my short comment was plenty of very good advice on keeping a blog as a compliment to your etsy shop.

When I started, I had a literal ton of unexpressed opinions and advice to give out, but now that it's all out of my system, I find this space to be more useful as an outlet for more mundane musings on my projects and creative discoveries. When I had good advice, I got hundreds of hits a day, now it's considerably less, but that's okay with me. I've tried my hardest to not let this space become one long advertisment, to speak to other tatters and people who don't know what tatting even is. I like to think that I'm occasionally amusing or inspiring, but I'm mostly talking just to hear myself speak. I'm sure I'll keep at this regardless of the amount of comments or views I get as I've thouroughly enjoyed the people it has helped me meet.

I do have a little news on the store front to share. In just about a week, I will be removing many pieces from the store to send to the SteamPowered convention in Sunnyvale Oct 31-Nov 2. I'm hoping that they don't come back, so if there is something you've been coveting, especially if it's on the last couple of pages of the store, you might want to snatch it up or send me a message to hold onto it for you. Commercial over.


Waterrose said...

Well, I for one think you are a confirmed blogger. I enjoy reading your posts and your perspective on the things that you write about. Congrats on all of the recognition, sales and heart!

fetishghost said...

I agree with Waterrose, I enjoy reading your blog. I find your writing insightful, very well thought out, and I'm always sure to enjoy your perspectives on all sorts of topics... Thanks for keeping at it!

Fatal Attraction said...

You're a natural! Lots of fun to read your interesting topics.

I'll be back to read more.....

thebeadedlily said...

I always enjoy you too!
In fact I'm passing on an award:)
If you're not into them no worries!

fly tie said...

i relate to much of what you've written about blogging.

yours is one i enjoy reading because of your perspectives on crafting and artistic expression. and just things in general. i like to read/hear what people have to say.