Thursday, October 16, 2008

I'm Shopping

Well, I not only survived my babysitting gig yesterday, but amongst the chaos, I even found time for a little shopping on the esty. First, I picked up some yarn. I had just sold one of my tatted scarves and I used that as an excuse. I HAVE to get more yarn, if I'm to tat more scarves, right? Then I decided to shop for my sister's Xmas gift and picked up a little something for her from my favorites. While I was browsing through my favorites, I stopped by one store for a potential gift for my brother and ended up buying two just so I coulf be the 1000th purchase. I have a milestone sickness. Seriously, if you are a couple away from a big milestone sale, don't tell me, 'cause I get all stressed out if I can't find something I like so I can get the big number.

I picked up three skeins of yarn from three different store, just doing my part for the economy, so i could not only do some scarves, but I still want to try out a scarflet and of course my husband's castlevania collar. I even bout some nice sreamy yarn for that one. Don't expect these anytime soon, but they're on the list.

Speaking of the list, mine is not written down, it's just a mental noting of future projects. Though I'm always afraid I'll forget one of them, I never do get to writing them down. I wonder if I'm the only one with a mental list problem. I do it for everything too. When my husband says that he wants something extravagant, I say, put it on the list. That list is full of tech gadgets we're likely to get only if someone wins something. In fact the only one in the house with a real list is my daughter. She has a Christmas list that is stuck to the fridge and everytime a new commercial intriques her, it goes on the list and then she is reminded that she is not getting everything on the list.

I wonder if I should just put a list up here in the sidebar...future projects. Perhaps witnesses would keep me on track. Boy, I got off on a tangent today. I'll be sure to post more about my purchases when they arrive and once I have created with them or given them away. Until next time.

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