Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The Tatted Mask and The Eye Patch

I promised you a new tatted mask today and here it is. I call this one 'The Babe With The Power' and it was a custom request. I was asked to create a mask in more of a comic book, superhero style and at first it was a daunting task. I kept staring at the wires I use for the eye bases and then a scrap of tatting laying on my table caught my attention. It was my simple vine choker. This is a pattern that was adapted from a vintage edging pattern, it's a very simple pattern that bends easily and I was able to lay it around the eye holes and the mask was created. I added a little Celtic style piece to the bridge of the nose for support and it was done.

The name was driving me insane, even though this was a custom order and I have little time to recreate it for sale. I wanted to keep the Labyrinth theme, but I also wanted to convey the comic book style and then it came to be just as I was finishing the mask.

In other pictures, I wanted to show you a couple I received from the customer who requested my tatted rose eye patch. She's a doll of a customer and these pictures are great. I rarely get to see my pieces worn, so it's a real treat to see them with such finery including a hat by TospyTurvyDesigns.

One last thing for the day, Happy Birthday to my baby brother James. I can't believe the baby is 25...I feel old.

Photo credits:Copyright: Photographer- Timothy Harshman Photo of: Ang Harshman


jewelstreet said...

Oh, wow! Love your mask. In fact, I want one so I can wear it all the time. That's how much I love them. I would love to see a red one or a blue one as well.

How fantastic of your customer to send you those pics! She is amazing and it shows off your eye patch so well.

Blooming Lily said...

Very beautiful.

Jrahn said...

Thanks sister! Boy OH Boy I would love a mask like that for roleplay....You get crackin on those hats yet?—just giving you a hard time!
love ya's