Thursday, November 17, 2016

The Museum

Whew, what a long day. We were on a train first thing in the morning, after powering through a couple of classes first. Then it was off to Sacramento. We had lunch in old town, a little shopping and then hoofed it to the Crocker Art Museum. We'd been there once before, but I think we still haven't managed to see everything on permanent display, not to mention the special exhibits This is me and my girls in front of the old mansion section of the museum before the tour. There are actually two additions built onto it in order to house all the exhibits and the rest is much more modern.

I feel weird taking picture of the art on the walls, so I didn't really do that at all. I figure I can look at much more professional photos of them online later, should I really want to, but I did take a picture of this statue by Calder because I really liked it. I thought the man only did mobiles.

After the museum it was another walk through old town to the train station and the long ride home. I didn't take any tatting and regretted that pretty quickly as I remembered that reading on the train is only marginally less nausea inducing than doing so in a car. Oh, well. It was a lovely, if overly long day and today should be a nice quiet day for recovery.

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