Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Center Sussed

Yesterday's schooling was a little more relaxed, but I still ended up with less time for thread than
usual. I did manage to suss out a new center for the tatted/knotted snowflake. Though it's admittingly, not looking too much like a snowflake since the beads connect the points quite densely.

I quite like the center like this, it holds the piece together better, but doesn't look too busy. The piece does need to be stiffened to see if that helps it from folding a bit when I hang it. It doesn't droop from the top, but does start to fold side to side if I mess with it.

Today, we're off to Sacramento for a train field trip and to the Crocker Art Museum. I probably won't bring anything to do on the train because that just means I have to carry it all around with me when we're there, or maybe something small. I don't know yet, but don't expect much.

1 comment:

Corina said...

interesting piece, I like it!