Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Not Much

Well, I've really got nothing to share this morning. Yesterday was mostly cleaning and schooling. I cleaned the oven and gave myself a four hour long headache and then there was the laundry. When I did get to sit, it was just working on the crochet. Since that's just a gigantic rectangle, there's nothing much to share until it's finished and that's going to be a while.

I did have some requests in my etsy shop, but after questions were answered I didn't hear back with orders. I did get one order over the weekend, but it was a bracelet that I don't plan on remaking for the shop, so it just gets popped in the mail today and it's back to the crochet. Well, crochet and worrying about the fate of the nation all day long. Here's to surviving the aftermath.

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