Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Halloween Recap

Yesterday was all about Halloween around here. As soon as lunch was eaten, I spend nearly an hour painting one child's face before we headed off to the husband's work to trick-or-treat. Then it was home and dinner before going out again with my sister and her kids for another rousing bout of trick-or-treating. The weather was perfect, so I think we stayed out longer than we have in recent years. I promised costumes, so this one here is Marvel's Squirrel Girl. This is the source of the work with faux fur as I created the boot cuff and ears. the tail was mercifully discovered premade in a Halloween store this year. Oh, and that utility belt is duct tape and band-aid boxes.

The other child is La "Cat"rina, a sugar skull cat and the source of my hour of makeup time. I was pretty proud that she came up with this one herself and held fairly still while I worked. Of course we couldn't get all that eye makeup off last night, so she should wake up a bit of a racoon this morning. Most of her costume was bought, though I did have to make the rose hair clip at the last minute.

Orders have dried up in the shop presently, so I'll be working on the last doily today as well as likely a crochet project for myself. What? I couldn't help myself. I had a coupon for the yarn.


Madtatter80 said...

Very cute💟

lozerette said...

I use hair conditioner to remove eye makeup on the rare occasions that I wear it. Most oils will work as well.