Thursday, November 3, 2016

Doily Progress

I'm making pretty good progress on the latest doily, but I do still have a couple more inches to go before it'll fit in the cute 8 by 8 shadow box that I got for these last two gifts. I'm hoping that I'll get this one finished by early next week and have all of them mounted and put away until the holidays. I might even wrap them early, but I promise I will get pictures before I do so that I can show all of them to you after they've been given.

Still quiet on the etsy shop front. I had that lovely burst of activity for about a week and then it's back to the new normal, which is a like a ghost town. Good thing I have knotting and crochet to keep me company in the meantime.

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Madtatter80 said...

Looks wonderful ❤️