Thursday, November 10, 2016

The Day After

Yesterday was far from normal I'm afraid. It was pretty somber around here, though I did make it though without crying all day...there were a few further moments of it though. The kids concentrated on school more than ever before. Apparently focusing on work allowed them to 'not think about it', for awhile. There was an essay written without nary a complaint. My sister came by to commiserate for a spell as well. Speaking of commiseration, thank you so much for the comments of it yesterday. I needed them. Based on my social media feeds, I think a lot of people needed that comfort and will continue to for sometime.

I did sit down and crochet, a lot. It was my way of focusing on something else. Again, I'm sorry for the unusually maudlin blog posts. I fear this isn't the last of them either.  There's a lot to work though and a lot to, well, it's just not good and we won't know how bad it might be for awhile yet. I will try to focus on thread though. I will do my level best, but please forgive me if I falter.


Bren said...

Would you feel better knowing our president for the next 4 years is a lying, corrupt, theif who sold out her office for money for her charity that eventually wound up in her own pocket? At least give the country a chance with a different person unlike the last 8 years.

I won't be following your blog any more.

lozerette said...

Oh, no! Not unfollowing! Bye, Felicia.

Totusmel, you do you. We'll all get through this together.