Thursday, January 12, 2012

Hands And Feet

First off, thanks for all the comments yesterday though you didn't really help narrow down the giveaway item much. That's okay though I think I have a fine idea you'll like for it regardless. The giveaway won't be up until tomorrow and you will only have until I post Monday morning to have been warned.

Yesterday after schooling I got the new slave bracelet all listed. Sometimes pricing these pieces gets difficult though. This one for example is far more complex in design and execution than a similarly sized one, but I'd doubt the difference would be terribly apparent to the average person, so do I charge what it's complexity demands or do I take a small hit on price to keep in line with perceived value. Well, in the end I decided that since I actually enjoy making the design unlike some others that I'm burned out on, so I'll take the least for now.

At this point I started back on the barefoot sandals and I have to say that I really like the way these ones turned out. I tried them on with heels as well and they look pretty neat that way too. Of course the only downside to making another foot accessory is that my flickr account will soon be deluged with foot fetishist attention. It's not too bad though, only a few of them are really creepy and I really do like making them.

Let's see, what else? Well, I finally got a sale around bedtime last night. I don't mind telling you it was quite a relief. Even when I do everything right, my income is still reliant on other peoples shopping whims and worse their budgets. And that's assuming that I ever to everything right. I mostly just make stuff I like, list it and remain chatty online, but I digress. I think I'm done with new pieces from the scroll design. I will definitely be making more of them in different color variations, but I think I'm done with the line as it were. I got halfway through a brown one yesterday that I should get finished and up today and then I get to remake the sale items from last night which should use up the day.

Oh, and do remember to pop by tomorrow or over the weekend to get entered in the giveaway.

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