Monday, January 9, 2012


Ah, back to Monday again. The weekend wasn't nearly productive as the week it followed, but Friday was a pretty busy day. I got the the new green necklace listed. Thanks to everyone who informed me that the stone was a malachite. It was something I should have known, but the name had eluded me. Both embellished versions of this piece have been well received and after a couple more projects I have in mind, I'll likely try a few more colored versions.

I also sat down with the idea to expand on the design and work it into more of a choker. I started work on that, but got distracted by another idea which immediately turned into a pair of earrings. I generally abandon large project for small ones when I need a little sense of instant gratification. I mean, it's going to take days for the choker to go from prototype to finished project. The earrings on the other hand, maybe two hours and I can list them faster too since my ear model needs no prepping.

I did get back to the choker over the weekend and though there's still a lot more work to be down on the design, I have the bare bones worked out so I might just get it finished today though probably not all the way to listed as there is a small window of opportunity for good, well lighted photos during the winter.

I have just one last little bit to share with you this morning. My brother-in-law writes on occasion for a local magazine. He recently bombarded me with questions for a cloth craft article he was writing and the results of that are up on the magazine's blog now, TheDLM. It might be in the print version as well, but I haven't been downtown yet to pick up a copy. It's a bit weird to me to get any local attention though. No matter how much I plaster my own tatting wearing head about the internet, I just assume no one I know will ever run across that unless I direct them. Yeah, it's just a bit weird, but anyway today I finish the choker and If I'm feeling ambitious there may be some stiffened lace experiments round here. We'll just have to wait and see what the day brings.

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