Friday, January 20, 2012

Rope Chain and Stalling

I'm still definitely a little on the listless side and I can't seem to really focus on getting done what needs to get done. You'd think it was Spring or something, though a quick walk outside would swiftly change that opinion. What I did get done was two of the pieces on the list I mentioned yesterday and then I finally sold something I could remake again so I did that as well. I felt as if I was almost productive, but not quite.

I never did get round to trying a black swatch if lace with the stiffener, but I did play with the rope chain idea a little bit. The bit on the left there was before it really started to twist on it's on. Since it's not metal I had to give it a turn myself at this point to see if it even would. As I got a little further along the twist took care of itself. It's certainly an interesting look. I did this bit with yarn actually, a silk, bamboo, wool blend that is quite soft. I just wanted to try it big and see what it would do. I get the feeling that this is the sort of project I'll work on when I've not much else to do. I figure I'll make it as long as I have yarn or until I get really sick of it. That, of course, might take so long that I'll never sell it due to the potential price tag I'd attach.

Let's see, what else did I accomplish yesterday? Oh yeah, nothing. I did get another lovely idea from a blog comment that might one day come to fruition. A fully stiffened mask on a stick. I've made a mask on a stick before and it was hell getting it to stand up on it's stick. There was lots of wire and holes drilled in the stick to attach it, but if the lace were solid, well that would be much easier. Honestly I much prefer lace in it's natural state and would never make a mask made to be worn on the face stiff. The scratching would be awful. I do however have loads of customers who wear glasses and I have been asked several times for a mask suitable to be worn with them. I'm sure a mask on a stick is not what they were hoping for, but it might be the first solution that actually works. So I guess what I'm saying is be on the lookout for one of those sometime in the future. Oh and the pictures of the cat on my lap...that's a 'just because' bonus for today. See you all on Monday.

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Gina said...

I'm intrigued that you've done this chain with the needle, though I can see that it might be easier to manipulate. I taught a chain at Palmettos some years ago now with the shuttle and nearly everyone had a hard time grasping it. It was the last of 4 versions of cords and probably the most complicated. I have to refer to my own directions any time I try it. I do love the way it looks though and I love the way yours are twisting flattened. It's an entirely different look.