Monday, January 16, 2012

And The Winner Is...

Happy 1,001st blog post everyone. Now normally I'd regale you with tales of my weekend. What I did, mostly clean, what I created, a new minimalist design, but not today, my friends, not today. Instead I shall first thank you all for the many entries and the kind words contained within many of them. One of you may win an actual prize when I do a giveaway, but the ego boost it gives me is almost as good.

Before I make my announcement, you may remember that I said I might have more than one winner if the response was overwhelming. I know that was kind of a vague parameter, but it was one of those, I'll know it when it happens sort of things. I think 70 entries qualifies, so I picked a second winner that will receive a plain trailing scrolls necklace in black. That winner is

The grand prize, as it were, an embellished trailing scroll necklace in the winners color choices, as chosen by random number generator is: 

If you see your name here, you can expect an email from me today asking for your particulars and I will get to work on them as soon as I have all the info I need to make them. 

Again, thanks all for reading my ramblings and apparently appreciating them. Sometimes, when the comments are few, I forget how many people are actually out there and think that I must be, once again, talking to myself. It's always nice when the lurkers stop by to say hello and remind me that there are a few folks out there listening to me shouting on my street corner. 

Now that the giveaway has been wrapped, I do actually have a new design I'm working on. It's beyond simple and inspired by a necklace I saw on the front page of etsy a while ago. You all know how much I like trying to replicate other forms of jewelry with tatting and I'm actually surprised I haven't done this yet. I know, all you see here is a small segment of what appears to be chain made of tatted rings, but there's more to it...just not much more. I had already tackled the chainmaille, which seems a little like skipping a step now that I think on it. I wanted to make something less expensive, but that still made a bit of an impact, so there will be a few different pieces using this technique, a new line if you will and something should be listed today or tomorrow as I fear there may be more cleaning in my future today.


Caseymini said...

Pamela, I am happy and honored to be the first runner up. I love the plain black ones and will wear it proudly! Thank you so much!

Beelizabeth said...

I never dreamed I'd win this one- I've watched the development of this piece with great admiration. I even checked on the prospects of buying one thinking it was probably out of my budget. It was! I'm really excited to be getting one.