Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Ugh, what a day. I mean I know it was a Monday, but it was much more of a "Monday" than I was prepared to deal with. First there was schooling the child, we were back to a full schedule and even though I'd eased back into it, there was still much resistance. After that I tried to get back to work on the choker. I still had some bits to work on on the prototype before I started the actual piece and I just kept getting distracted with one task or another. It's wasn't until the afternoon that I started work on the final piece.

Then while working on the piece I had one of those oops moments where I had to cut out a large section and start over. By the time I actually finished it there was little sun, so like I thought, I wasn't able to get photographs for listing purposes. I know I sound annoyed, but that's not even the tatting's fault. I'm annoyed because my iTunes account was hijacked and my credits drained from it. I sent a message to Apple and then I go searching the Internet for the source of my woes where I discover this is a widespread issue, like thousands of people widespread. At the is point I'm still annoyed, but I no longer feel singled out. Then I get my message returned and my account is suppose to be credited back within 24 hours, but my Apple ID is now disabled and after requesting it be enabled I am still waiting this morning for them to do so.

That whole mess stopped all my creativity yesterday. Hopefully it resolves itself quickly and I can move on today and be less annoyed so I can create something. It would be a shame if Monday ruined the whole week. I still have yet to do the stiffening experiment I need to do and I need to get this choker listed. I'm not sure where I'm headed next with the scroll designs, but I don't feel like I'm finished with them yet either. Well here's to a better day.

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