Thursday, January 5, 2012

Trailing Scrolls

In case you were wondering about my eye, it's fine now. Turns out it was basically a fur-ball Venus fly trapped into my eye. Once it was extricated, all returned to normal quite quickly. I apologize for over sharing, wait, no I don't. You all know how many cats I have, these things are just going to keep happening.

Anyway, yesterday turned out to be quite a busy day. I was granted a couple more sales so I had things to remake on top of the new ideas whirling around in my brain. First I got the new necklace design finished up, photographed and listed. Also I got a fun new photo collage app for my phone, so guess what my pictures are going to look like around here for awhile. Blame twitter, that's where I heard about it.

After this one was up and listed I dug out some garnet beads and burgundy thread for a one off version. The beads all look nice, but since they are lower quality natural stones the holes are not always perfect in them making stringing them onto the thread a pain in the neck. One will slide right on, the next will break the beading needle. I broke two getting all the beads strung. Lucky for me I do this enough that I bought a lot of the needles.

This one is still not quite finished as all that bead nonsense added quite some time to the creation of the piece. I should be able to finish it up this morning and get it listed as well. I also added another ring to the center of the design for this version to hep with the added weight of the beads. It always puzzles me when I see a heavily beaded tatted piece, or just one with heavy beads. I have no faith in the lace to hold those things and keep its shape long term. I suppose that's why I use beads sparingly.

So today the tasks include a little more schooling, finishing and listing the new piece and perhaps designing up another should time allow. It's actually been a rather productive week. I think I deserve a cookie...or a new pair of boots.


louine said...

Love your new design....reminds me a bit of this Victorian design

but I like your have done a great job of fitting to the neckline.

Fox said...

I'm with you about the beads. Never have I heard that comment from anyone but moi! I love beads and use them all the time, but too many is just too heavy for tatted lace in my experience!
Fox : )

Fox said...

Forgot to add that these last few pieces are splendid!
Fox : )

TotusMel said...

Thanks Fox! Glad to hear I'm not alone in my bead opinions ;-)