Thursday, January 1, 2009


Well, here we are at the beginning of 2009. This is where most folk start to list their resolutions for the new year, I however do not go in for that nonsense. Sure, it's as good a time as any to make goals going forward, but let's face it nothing really changes on New Year's Day except the date. If you feel the need to make changes in your life, you really shouldn't wait for some arbitrary calendar date to do so. I choose to try and keep growing and learning everyday and watch my children do the same.

I have played the resolution game in the past and like most people, a month or so into the new year all the exercise and eating better disappeared into a pool of guilt and bad habits. There are things I am looking forward to in the new year, my baby turns 2 and my older daughter turns 5 and I shall theoretically begin homeschooling. We hope to try and buy a house in the coming year, if all the stars align correctly for us.

As far as my tatting and etsy go, I'm just hoping that things maintain just about where they are now. I'm sure I will come up with many new designs and I might even offer up a few more patterns, but I refuse to give myself deadlines or specific amounts to create. Last year I had three different magazine articles and while it was certainly a flattering experience, I don't really care if I ever do it again since writing out patterns is quickly becoming my least favorite part of designing. I was also granted a few moments of Internet fame and I do cross my fingers that I manage another 15 minutes in the coming year. It would be terribly awesome if I could be "recognized" in public just once, but I'm certainly not holding my breath. I also had a few offers to collaborate in the coming year and we will see if any of those pan out, though I don't want to overtax myself on any one project.

I suppose that's enough looking forward for now. In the here and now, I have dozens of pieces to remake for etsy that I really ought to be working on. Happy New Year all and I look forward to babbiling nonsesically for you in '09!

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LeahAna said...

I recently received a box of crafty things from my great grandma. inside were seriously old crochet hooks and tatting supplies. Tatting is kind of a lost art. Nice to see it on etsy!