Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Happy Tuesday

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If all is going according to plan I am enjoying the expo floor at MacWorld right now with my family, though it may be our last. I'm certain I shall have a story or two for you tomorrow that, unless you too are a bit of a Mac fan, you will probably not care so much about. I decided to schedule a post because it is far too early in the year to already be slacking off even if I don't have anything of consequence to say.

The picture is of my oldest daughters 3rd Apple computer, by the way. She got her first when she was 2, I think. My brother took the picture when he was up for the Christmas holiday and I think it illustrates the importance of the trip for the whole family. When her Grandma asked what we were going to do in San Fransisco, she replied, "Go to the Apple store." Yep, she has no chance for normality and don't get her started on video games and comic books, her knowledge is well beyond her years.

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Anonymous said...

Yep! She's a smarty. Her younger sister may surpass her though!